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Swamp buffalo in the village Tampulang
          Tampulang Village tourist attraction, is the uniqueness Jenamas District swamp buffalo or hadangan kalang (Bubalus bubalis sp). Why are spelled unique? Because in the back of this village is krein Swamp Buffalo Central Kalimantan, the largest, exceeding 3900 in number tail (a survey in December 2007), and even reach 5000 fish based on the village head. And from about 5000 that swamp buffaloes terdapatlah not less 50 whites buffalo (albino) so that if the palace in Java requires a replacement chaplain sacred buffalo Slamet then immediately order into Tampulang.
Regions swamp buffalo is a vast expanse of grassland vegetation kumpai water that reached 10 km X 20 km. This is a peninsular stretch of land that are peculiar to the swamp buffalo live and breed. Other property in this area is the wildlife like birds sabaru, white storks, black storks, hornbills and birds that feed on flea buffalo very much. The area has been well ordered because the split by canals ex Peatland Project (PLG) One Million Hectare making it very easy if developed as a tourist area of special interest.

Beside still surrounded by lowland tropical rain forest (Rainforest tropical lowland) with all the richness of flora and fauna typical of the swamp, this area is also a very abundant fish barn. Thus this area is a supplier of fish and meat are great for the neighboring province of South Kalimantan.   
This area is very possible be a tourist destination for overseas market segment by mobilizing the cooperation with the South Kalimantan Province and Tour Operators who sell Floating Market Banjarmasin. Can we live now take advantage of this opportunity by Fam Tour programmed into the village and then set Tampulang asylum and special interest tours. If successful, will be automatically Jenamas Sub Main Gate  natural tourist district of South Barito.    
            Currently regular transportation Banjarmasin - Jenamas already smoothly every day by means of a speedboat so that its prospects as Banjarmasin Tour Package Plus Tampulang already wide open. 

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